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A washing machine is one of the most used home appliances. A top-notch washing machine is needed if you want to ensure that your clothing, household goods, and other products will last a long time. If you want to buy a new washing machine and are concerned about what you should do with your old one, you’re not the only one; many people ask this question frequently.

This blog post will discuss how to dispose of your old washing machine.

Why Should You Recycle Your Broken Washing Machine?

If you simply throw the washing machine away with the rest of your home rubbish, as there are electricals in a washing machine which contain chemicals that are dangerous and highly destructive to the environment. Also, by throwing, you are wasting many materials that could have been recycled.

Disposal of Unoperational Washing Machine

If your washing machine is no longer working, you must dispose of it responsibly instead of just throwing away.

Here are some ways of disposing of unoperational washing machines:

Recycling Centers

The ideal approach to dispose of your outdated appliances is to contact a local expert in electronic waste recycling.

You see, washers and dryers are much more than just useful containers for scrap metal. In addition to numerous plastic parts and cables, there are rubber tubes and pipelines. E-waste recycling companies specialise in recycling these pieces since they are trickier to recycle efficiently.

In the case of cables and electrical components, there is a specialised procedure for breaking them down into metal and plastic bits, so it’s not only a matter of manually sorting them into various recyclable elements.

Municipal Waste Centers

It’s crucial to realise that just because the municipality collects your average home and recycling garbage doesn’t imply you may dispose of outdated appliances by setting them out on the curb next to your trash.

However, it’s possible that your municipal garbage centre has a collection programme for both large and small equipment. The service is frequently free if you drop off the washer or dryer yourself.

Call your neighbourhood municipal garbage facility to see if they have an appliance removal service. This could save you effort and time.

How to Dispose of a Washing Machine

Haul Away Programs of Departmental Stores

Hauling away your old appliances is another excellent recycling option. Some departmental stores even offer free delivery services or charge a minimal amount to take your old washers or dryers.

These stores either partner with e-recycling or junk removal companies to handle the old appliances. Or some may also have contracts with the manufacturers to return outdated appliances to them.

Local Scrap Metal Recycler

Scrap metal recycler companies break down old appliances to collect valuable metals. Most of the time, they collect all the items and deliver them to e-waste recycling facilities. However, several scrap yards have improved their ability to handle electronic trash. Old washers and dryers can be removed for free from some scrap yards as part of their rubbish disposal services.

Junk Removal Companies

Major equipment like washing machines and dryers should always be appropriately disposed of by professional rubbish removal firms. By recycling as much trash as they remove, these companies avoid polluting the environment by not dumping hazardous garbage in landfills. Find a reputable provider by doing some research on local rubbish removal services.

Disposal of Operational Washing Machine

If you want to dispose of your old washing machine, which is still in good working order, there are some good options for you:

Donate it

Donating your old washing machine to local charities is an excellent option. Donating your old appliances to someone in need can be facilitated through regional NGOs and charities. Do some local research to find such organisations.

Online Marketplace

Try listing your old appliances on classified websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist if you want to sell them for some money. These resale websites assist in connecting you with local individuals searching for precisely what you are offering.


Many appliance dealers provide free washing machine pick-up for your old machines when you buy a new washing machine. This is a great incentive for customers who need help with what to do with their old appliances. When looking for a new washing machine, enquire whether the salesperson would also remove your old unit.

Place an Ad on Local Groups

You can use your social community groups to place an ad offering a washing machine for free. You should make clear in the ad if the products need to be picked up or delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I Do with My Broken Washing Machine?

You must find a way to dispose of your old washing machine responsibly. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Recycle it when you buy a new one
  • Donate it
  • Get help from a municipal appliance pick-up service
  • Deliver it to scrap metal recycling company

What is the Benefit of Recycling Old Washing Machines?

Washing machines and other appliances have valuable materials and parts (steel, aluminium, plastic, and copper) that are recycled by recycling units and reused. Additionally, recycling washing machines also helps reduce environmental pollution.

Can I Take My Broken Washing Machine to the Dump?

It may be dropped off at your local recycling site, where facility employees will properly dispose of it. Moreover, you should remember that certain authorities offer collecting services for major household appliances before you opt to recycle your washing machine by yourself.

Do I Need to Disconnect My Dryer and Washing Machine Before Disposal?

Yes, it would help if you disconnect your dryer and washing machine to simplify the collection process for junk removal services.

Last Words

Washing machine disposal can be exhausting, but it is like a breeze with the proper guideline. Hope this blog post provided you with some useful tips and made the disposal of washing machines easy for you.

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