Clearance and disposal of old and heavy appliances such as fridges which are no longer in operation can be challenging. Not only are they heavy but they also have several parts which need to be disposed of safely. If you have been holding on to your old Fridge Removal Leeds or refrigerator which has completed its useful life and is just wasting your useful space, or if you are replacing it with a new one, contact us and we will get rid of old fridges and freezers for you. We have a team of highly experienced, trained, and qualified workmen who strive to satisfy our customers.

Avail our services

We specialize in appliance removal and we provide our services in the UK including Leeds. Our appliance removal services cover fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers, dishwashers, cookers, Television, microwaves, and any other appliance that needs to be disposed of or recycled. When it comes to disposals & recycling we make sure that our team complies with safety rules & regulations. For fridge removal in Leeds, simply give us a call and we will be there.

Contact us

Contact us on our registered number if you need more information. You can also request a free quote and schedule your appointment for removal. You can also do the same online through our website. Once you agree to our fee, we will provide you with a booking date for removal. We also provide commercial fridge removal in Leeds. Regardless of the size or number of your appliances, we can provide commercial-scale disposals as well.

    AS EASY AS 1,2,3


    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


    Once you say the word, we will move your appliance away from wherever it’s located and finish by tidying up the area. Plus, we will recycle and donate your old appliances whenever possible.

    Removal process

    On the appointment date, our representative will call you to confirm and arrive within two hours at your site. All you have to do is identify the appliance that needs to be disposed of. Our two-member team will load the appliance in the truck and leave. Our team will also clean the site where you had kept the fridge.


    The fridge/freezer will be driven to the nearest recycle station or disposal site or wait in line at our site for donating or recycling. This entirely depends on the condition of your fridge/freezer. Our Fridge removal Leeds team is an expert in disposal services.

    Why Choose Us?

    Qualified & Licensed team

    We have all the necessary licenses to provide disposal services. Our team is licensed, trained, and qualified for the disposal/recycling of appliances. Nearly all of them have considerable experience in this field. Our uniformed and highly professional team is dedicated to providing quality services. Our fridge removal Leeds team is highly professional.

    Fridge Removal Leeds

    Call us for quote


    Low Cost

    We have priced our services relative to the prevailing market prices. We offer rates that are affordable and practical. Compare our prices with any fridge freezer clearance company and you will find out to be much more affordable. Our commercial fridge disposal Leeds service will be priced according to the number of appliances that need to be removed.

    Safe & Eco-friendly

    Our team of professionals complies with all the safety standards governing disposals including appliances. They are always dressed in safety gear and provide removal/disposal services that are eco-friendly. No hazardous material or part is left in the open and all such items are treated as per the best practices of disposals.

    Important Information

    • Please make sure that your fridge is not connected to the power supply and has been disconnected before removal.
    • Please also make sure that it has been defrosted and does not contain water or any other item.
    • You can also contact us for emergency services if you require urgent removal.
    • Appliances once removed and disposed of cannot be returned.

    Benefits of fridge removal

    • You can replace your old or inefficient fridge with a new and more energy-efficient, eco-friendly fridge or freezer.
    • You can free up useful space which is being wasted.
    • Depending on the condition, your appliances can be donated to someone who needs them.
    • Your appliances can be recycled and important parts may be reused.