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What to do with bulky rubbish? Is removal the only option you have? Removal of bulky waste can not only be a tedious task but also an expensive one. The cost of removing bulky waste depends on the type and quantity of the waste. Various waste items may have different removal costs. Removing rubble is not the same as removing a heavy item. Whether you hire a clearance or removal company will also affect the total cost. So, what can you do to avoid expensive bulky rubbish removals?

Reduce your Waste Production

The three R’s of waste management have received considerable attention, but we have yet to see the seriousness and commitment they deserve. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. The first “R,” or reduce, is what many businesses and households do not consider. Reduce your waste production, and you have less waste to get rid of. A simple strategy to produce less waste will reduce your cost of disposal. For instance, you use biodegradable packing materials in commercial and industrial operations instead of those requiring special recycling facilities, pack your child’s lunch in a washable and reusable lunch box instead of bags, and use reusable water bottles instead of disposable bottles. All these simple techniques can help you reduce your waste production and, therefore, your disposal cost.

Reusing your Waste

There are many ways of reusing what you consider waste. Search the Internet, and you’ll be surprised to know what you can do with things you consider waste. They say, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure,” which you might consider useless may be helpful for another. Many items, such as used appliances and furniture, can be donated to charity organisations. You will not only be contributing towards society but also protecting the environment and reducing your disposal cost. Many precious materials, such as metals, can be retrieved from appliances. Manufacturers can use these to produce other things. Contacting any local business which might be interested in your waste and which is willing to collect the waste will help you reduce your disposal size. A smaller disposal size will translate into lower costs.

Garage Clearance Services

Recycle your Waste

As a resident of the United Kingdom, you have access to HWRCs or Household Waste Recycling Centres, also known as “tips.” You can use the Internet to find your nearest tips within your local council. You can also find information about which type of waste is accepted. Some types may require minor fees, while others may cost a little more. There are also limitations on the size of the disposal. If you don’t find this information on the Internet, you can always contact your local council. If you can transport the waste items to your local tip, they may or may not charge you any fee, provided you are a resident of that council and do not use commercial vehicles to transport the waste items. Commercial businesses and several public institutions can also use HWRCs, but the regulations, cost, and availability may vary from council to council.

Segregate your Waste Items

The disposal or clearance cost of bulky waste depends on the type of waste and the services you avail of. Household waste can be of different types, unlike commercial waste, which is usually specific. Household waste may include general, electronic, green, hazardous, demolition/construction/renovation, and many more. When you have a variety of bulky waste, a single type of waste removal service may be challenging. For instance, you can separate your electrical appliances, donate them or resell them, while for any rubble resulting from renovation, you can use skips. Skips are also helpful when you need regular waste collection. For general household waste, you can opt for a man with a van service, which will be comparatively cheaper and help you keep a tight noose on your disposal cost.

Break Down Bulky Waste

Another tip that might reduce your bulky waste removal cost is to break down your waste items. If you can dismantle your furniture, appliances, or heavy items, they will take up less space in the vans or trucks. Less space will reduce the space required and cut down your clearance cost. Breaking big pieces of rubble, however, may not have any effect on the disposal cost.

Use Your Local Council’s Collection Services

Local councils also provide waste collection services to households for bulky waste removal. These services are provided at a subsidised rate and are relatively affordable compared to private services. In most of the councils, these waste collection services are limited to waste items such as appliances, furniture, carpets, and mattresses. There is a long list of households trying to avail of these services, so you might have to wait for your turn. There might also be restrictions on the type and size of waste items, so you should check with your local council before requesting bulky disposal. For commercial and industrial waste, you’ll have to avail private services.

Rubbish Removal and Waste Clearance

Use Private Services

Many waste management companies, such as clearance and removal companies, provide waste collection & disposal services. Both these companies operate differently. Waste or rubbish disposal companies earn their bread and butter by providing households and businesses “disposal” services. They will charge you a fee for their services. However, clearance companies make money by reselling most of your items. Depending on the size and type of disposal, clearance companies may or may not charge you anything. Even if they do, the fee might be much less than disposal companies.

Sharing is Caring

Before you hire a disposal or clearance company to get rid of bulky waste, another strategy can help you reduce your costs. Talk to your neighbours and find out if they also have bulky waste which needs disposal. You can hire a clearance or disposal company and share the cost with your neighbours. You can even sign a contract with a private business that regularly collects all your bulky waste on a specific date.

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