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Disposing of a mattress can be challenging as it is bulky and comprises several components, some of which may not be biodegradable. Disposing of mattresses in a landfill can, therefore, be problematic and also harmful to the environment. So, when you decide to dispose of your mattress, there are some things you should consider all the available options. Let us look at ways to minimise your hassle and ensure that you act in the best interest of the environment.

Consider Deep Cleaning

If your mattress seems unclean but still provides the comfort you need, consider deep cleaning it. Many carpet and mattress cleaning services provide deep cleaning services, making your mattress look and feel as if it’s new. You can also try cleaning it yourself with the right tools. For instance, you can start by vacuuming your mattress. Use the proper vacuum attachment and vacuum the entire mattress thoroughly.

If your mattress has stains, use a mild detergent or commercial cleaning agent with a scrub brush to remove the stains. Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress and wait for 24 hours. Vacuum it, and you will have a neat and clean mattress.

Consider Reusing It

Even if you have decided to replace your old mattress with a new one, you can still do a lot with your old one. You can shift it to your guest bedroom if it’s still in fine condition. You may want to use it as a spare mattress for your children or pets. Some mattresses can be cut to any size and used for camping or your cabin. You can even use it in your RV if you have one.

If you are into crafting, you can use the foam and the padding to make something else, such as cushioning for chairs, couches, or benches. Reusing your old mattress can save you from hassle and provide utility in another form.

Donate Your Mattress

Many charitable and non-profit organisations, such as orphanages, old homes, furniture banks, and shelters, would gladly accept your old mattress. It would be a good idea to clean your mattress before donating. It is also best to evaluate your mattress’s condition before you donate.

Search for such organisations within your vicinity so it can be easily transported at an affordable cost. Call the organisation before you donate and inquire if they will accept and maybe collect the mattress themselves.

Sell Your Old Mattress

Another great idea to save yourself from the struggle of disposing of your mattress and even make some money is selling it. If your mattress is still in a useable condition, you can clean it properly and sell it. You can use online platforms such as Facebook and eBay or advertise it in your local newspaper.

This can benefit you if your mattress is expensive and you have maintained it well. Take quality pictures of your mattress and post them on social media. Ask your friends and neighbours if they want a mattress. You can also talk to retailers willing to take your old mattress and give you a new one for an additional cost.

Use Local Council Services

Several councils in the UK have official recycling centres or HWRCs that provide recycling services for domestic purposes. Find the HWRC relevant to your council and drive the mattress to the recycling centre. If you do not have the proper means to transport the mattress, you may want to hire someone for transportation.

Your local HWRC may or may not charge you a fee for disposing of your mattress. Local councils can also pick up your mattress from your doorstep. You can check this from the website of your local council and book the collection. You may be charged for these services.

You may have to wait for days, even weeks, as the number of requests for these disposals is usually relatively high, so driving to the HWRC is a better idea. Another benefit of availing local council services is that disposals are carried out in accordance with local regulations, and you do not end up in legal trouble.

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Man and Van Service for Disposal

Many removal companies provide man and van services for the transportation of household items such as mattresses. Availing these services has several benefits. You don’t have to carry these heavy, bulky items yourself. You don’t have to arrange a transport vehicle. All you have to do is hire these services; they will do the rest.

Look for service providers near you and ask them to provide you with a quote. Take quotes from at least three companies and choose the one with the lowest bid. Ensure that the service provider is authorised to provide these services. Talk to them about how they ensure safe and compliant disposal of mattresses.

What Happens During Mattress Recycling?

As we said, a mattress is made from several components, including memory foam, spring coils, padding, and many more. Some of these materials can be reused, such as coils and foam. Some materials are not biodegradable, while others are safe for a landfill.

In a recycling centre, mattresses are first sorted according to their condition. They are evaluated to ensure they are safe for recycling. In the next step, the mattress is dismantled. This involves separating the steel springs, foam, upholstery, and fabric. Steel coils will usually be sent to a matching recycling facility where they can be melted and used again. Foam and fabric can be shredded and reused for other applications.

Non-recyclable parts which are not harmful to the environment are often sent to landfills. All efforts should be made to recycle or reuse all these items. Reusing precious items such as steel also reduces the pressure on natural resources and may also contribute towards reducing the manufacturing cost of numerous items.

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