Whether it is a household or a commercial business, everyone hopes that their fridges and freezers would end a lifetime. However, just like everything else, refrigeration units have a useful life that ends sooner or later.

The disposal of fridges and freezers is not like the disposal of every other thing. These refrigeration units have parts that require special Commercial Fridge Disposal techniques to ensure that the environment is not harmed and you do not get into legal trouble.

We are authorized and licensed for providing waste disposal services for refrigerator units. Contact us for hassle-free and stress-free removal of commercial fridges/freezers without worrying about legal requirements.

Why Proper Disposal Is Necessary?

Commercial fridge disposal is a highly technical task. Refrigeration units have used CFCs & HCFCs like R-12 (Freon), R-21(Freon 21), R-134A, and others since 1990.

All of these gasses harm the ozone layer with some less harmful than others. Therefore, freezers and fridges need to be disposed of properly to make sure that these gasses do not harm the environment.

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    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


    Once you say the word, we will move your appliance away from wherever it’s located and finish by tidying up the area. Plus, we will recycle and donate your old appliances whenever possible.

    Legal Requirements

    There are also legal obligations for disposal of these units which include: 

    •  “Waste Management Duty of Care”, Environmental Protection Act 1990 which pertains to general waste management and segregates domestic waste from Business waste, the former has to be treated with more responsibility.
    • “Removal of ODS” EC regulation 2037/2000, pertains to disposal of refrigeration equipment that contains CFCs, HCFCs and has to be removed properly before being scrapped.
    • (WEEE)The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations about how businesses should reuse, recover and recycle electrical appliances wherever possible.

     As a result of these regulations, businesses in the UK must ensure the following when disposing of waste or when carrying out commercial fridge removal:

    • Waste Classification: Hazardous and non-hazardous. Fridges & freezers count as hazardous.
    • Permit for treatment, storage, disposal, or transport of hazardous waste (not applicable to catering)
    • Ensuring that any disposal businesses you employ are licensed (documentary proof required). This implies employing a registered disposal business or company with the Environment Agency.
    Commercial Fridge Disposal

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    Why choose us?

    Certified disposal services

    We carry all the necessary approvals and licenses for providing commercial fridge disposal services. All our team members are certified operatives who are well acquainted with legal compliance about the disposal of refrigerator units. 

    Trained operatives

    Our team members have spent considerable time in the field of disposals, particularly refrigerator units. They have technical qualifications and are fully aware of the scientific requirements for disposing of refrigerator units such as fridges and freezers. Commercial fridge disposal requires more seriousness than residential fridge disposal. Our operatives will make sure that the coolant gasses categorized as harmful to ozone are not released directly into the atmosphere and are instead removed under controlled environments. We make sure that our staff is aware of the latest technologies and methods for disposing of these units.


    Our operatives will make sure that all legal requirements and acts are complied with when carrying out commercial fridge disposal. As required by law, we shall provide you with a copy of our license/permit so that you can show them to the governing authorities if required. Environmental protection and safety are our top priorities. Our operatives will make sure that disposals comply with safety & health standards.

    Low Cost

    Our services have been priced according to the prevailing market prices. We have kept our pricing low so that a majority of customers can avail of our services. Commercial fridge disposal cost depends on the number and size of your refrigerator units. However, we endeavour to provide our services at a cost acceptable and affordable for our clients.

    Our Process

    1. Contact us – Whether it is commercial fridge disposal or residential, you can get in touch with us online through our website or talk to our representative on our registered phone number.
    2. Free quote – You can provide basic information online and get a free quote for our disposal services.
    3. Get an appointment date – If you find our prices acceptable, we will provide you with an appointment date while keeping in view your convenience.
    4. Time to work – On the appointment date, our operatives will visit your site, collect your fridges and freezers, load them in trucks and take off. 
    5. Disposal- Our operatives will dispose of the refrigerator units in compliance with laws, rules & regulations, and according to best safety standards.