Junk Collection

Junk collection is collecting and removing unwanted or discarded items, materials, or rubbish from residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. It helps individuals and businesses get rid of items they no longer need and easily dispose of them efficiently.

We specialise in waste management and recycling and have the necessary equipment, manpower, and knowledge to safely and responsibly collect, transport, and dispose of various types of junk.

Professional Junk Collection at Your Service

Scrap My Appliance is an expert team trained to remove and dispose of your items safely and responsibly. No need to worry about dumpster rentals or hiring separate companies; our junk removal services are here to help.

We’ve got you covered whether you need to remove a few items or declutter entire rooms. Our teams handle everything carefully, ensuring no damage to your home. Rest assured, all our team members are professionally trained and background-checked.

    AS EASY AS 1,2,3


    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


    Once you say the word, we will move your appliance away from wherever it’s located and finish by tidying up the area. Plus, we will recycle and donate your old appliances whenever possible.

    What Materials Do We Remove?

    Scrap My Appliance removes all sorts of items, materials, and appliances from homes, offices, and other premises. The following are a few examples, but we are not limited to only these:

    • Mattresses – Memory Foam Mattresses, Spring Mattresses, Box Springs, Mattress Toppers
    • Furniture – Dressers, Couches, Desks, Tables, Patio Furniture, Chairs, Recliners, Footboards, Headboards
    • Appliances – Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Stoves/Ovens, Heaters, Washers/Dryers
    • Electronics – Computers, Televisions, Stereo Systems, Printers, Gaming Systems, Smart Home Appliances
    • Bulky Items – Trampolines, Basketball Goals, Carpeting, Hot Tubs, Gun Safes, Pianos, Grills
    • Exercise Gear – Ellipticals, Treadmills, Pilates Machines, Home Gyms, Weight Benches, Exercise Bikes
    Junk Collection

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    Junk Collection

    How Does Our Junk Collection Work?

    Scrap My Appliance has been removing junk, waste, and other items you don’t need from your home, office, and commercial premises for years. Our junk rubbish removal services work the following way.

    • You Book Our Junk Waste Collection

    Booking our junk waste collection service is a breeze – just give us a call or request a quote online at your convenience. Describe the items you want to dispose of and pick a suitable appointment day.

    • Our Team Will Arrive on Your Location

    Our man with a van rubbish removal service will be available; with our team of two specialists arriving on the chosen day with the right vehicle and equipment, we will get to work. Simply show them where the waste is.

    • We Remove and Dispose of Carefully

    With your waste gone, you’ll have more space to work in, and you won’t have to deal with the legal hassles of rubbish clearance. We haul it all away and dispose of it responsibly, making the process easy for you!

    What Makes Us Perfect for You?

    We Care for Your Property

    We prioritise your property’s well-being. Our expert team handles rubbish removal with the utmost care, leaving the area clean and tidy. We work discreetly and respectfully, ensuring no inconvenience to you or your neighbours.

    Our Environment Is Our Responsibility

    As an eco-friendly company, we take full recycling responsibility. Over 80% of the waste we collect is recycled, and we continually strive to improve this figure. We partner with responsible recycling companies to ensure environmentally conscious practices.

    Fixed Quote, No Hidden Charges

    You can trust our fair and fixed quotes, which are based on the waste volume, storage location, and parking proximity to your property. There are no hidden charges or unexpected price increases.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    No, you won’t have to lift a finger! Our friendly and helpful junk collection company has experts for rubbish removal. They will handle removing all the rubbish for you.

    Typically, a standard domestic waste clearance ranges from £60 to £150. However, the exact cost depends on how much waste you want us to remove. The price may increase if you have bulky items like white goods or building waste.

    Commercial waste collections cost more due to specialist and potentially harmful materials, as well as larger quantities. Also, commercial waste, including WEEE materials and electronics, needs dedicated environmental services for safe disposal.

    You can donate old or unwanted furniture to a charity shop. Alternatively, you can hire our man with van waste removal service, and we’ll remove your unwanted items.

    Yes, we do. Our junk removal service company has access to waste transfer stations in the evening. This way, we minimise disruption to your day.

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