We are a licensed and authorized waste disposal company. We provide disposal services to businesses and households. Our services include house clearance, office clearance, garden clearance, appliance disposal, white goods disposal, brown goods disposal, and all other types of waste removal. Regardless of the size of your disposal, we provide effective and quick services at affordable costs. Our office waste disposal London service has been specially designed to clear out office junk from offices, warehouses, and other business facilities in London.

Office Waste recycling London

Depending on your requirement we can provide you with regular service for waste collection or a one-time service for clearing out junk. If you are moving your office or you have gathered too much office waste, or your office garden has become messy, get in touch with us and we will provide you with a stress-free clearance service.

Why we should be your primary choice?

 Licensed Company

Disposal companies that deal in waste management are required by law to have licenses and permits. Licenses are required for providing disposal operations while permits are required for storage and transport of waste. We are authorized for handling all types of waste collection and disposal including office waste removal London.

    AS EASY AS 1,2,3


    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


    Once you say the word, we will move your appliance away from wherever it’s located and finish by tidying up the area. Plus, we will recycle and donate your old appliances whenever possible.


    Our professional and qualified team is well experienced in the field of disposals and waste removal. They have been trained to handle all types of waste, from electrical & electronic waste to furniture, from garden clearance to office waste removal, we have a highly professional and well-equipped team. Contact our office waste disposal London team for more information.

    Safe Environment

    Our professional operatives make sure that all waste removal complies with the following:

    •   Environmental Protection Act 1990 about “Waste Management Duty of Care”, applies to general waste.
    •  EC regulation 2037/2000.”Removal of ODS”, applies to refrigerator units.
    • “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations (WEEE)” applies to electric and electronic waste.

    In light of the above acts, waste removal and handling need to comply with the below:

    • Classification of hazardous/non-hazardous waste, their separation, and treatment.
    • Permission for treatment, disposal, transport, and storage of hazardous/toxic waste.
    • Licensing for providing these services
    Office Waste Disposal London

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    Your office waste disposal London will be governed by the above rules & regulations. Our team will make sure that waste removal does not end up as a legal issue for you or us.

    Low Cost

    The prices of our waste removal services have been kept affordable for most of our clients. We believe in delivering the best quality services to our clients and do our best to consider their budget restrictions. The cost of your office waste disposal in London depends on the services you select, the size of disposal, and the time it would take.

    Our Process

    1. Contact us – Regardless of how big your office or warehouse is, our disposal services will be tailored to meet your requirements. All you have to do is call us on our registered number and talk to our representative.
    2. Request a Free quote – You can use our online page to request a free quote for our services. Just fill in the detail and wait for us to get back to you.
    3. Appointment date – When you accept the free quote, we will provide you with a service date and time for office waste removal. Additional labour charges will be increased if you have not collected your junk in one place. One way of saving your cost is to collect all items to be disposed of in one place.
    4. Collection- On the service day for your office waste disposal London, our operatives will visit your site, separate items based on their type, pack them, load them in their trucks and drive off. Make sure that you are there to give instructions and prevent the recycling of items that you still want to keep.
    5. Disposal- Segregation of different types of items is done to make sure that all are disposed of, recycled, re-used, or recovered based on best practices about environmental regulations. After that is done, your waste will be disposed of off accordingly. Depending on the conditions of your things, we will donate them to charity organizations.