Convenient and Sustainable Removals

Dishwashers are a significant invention of the 20th century and need replacement after a tenure of 10 years once they become old. Disposing of your old dishwasher can be hectic due to its large size and sharp edges. Not only do you find carrying them difficult, but you may also harm yourself.

Other important considerations for safe dishwasher removal are professional expertise and licensing for sustainably disposing of the items. Contact Scrap My Appliance to do away with your disposal. Following professional and legal protocols, we help you eliminate your messy dishwasher safely and conveniently.

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    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


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    Benefit from Seamless Dishwasher Disposal Service

    Ensuring Safety: Handling your bulky dishwashers by yourself can cause injury. Our experts efficiently tackle your home appliances, keeping you safe.

    Cost-Effective Appliance Disposal: Managing your dishwasher disposal requires buying or renting specific equipment and an expert helping hand. We acquire all these elements, saving you from a big hassle.

    Reduced Bills: Old appliances consume more electricity, costing you more bills. Removing these helps you save your billing costs.

    Regulation Compliance: Our professionals dispose of your dishwashers in an eco-friendly manner, keeping you compliant with environmental regulations.

    Dishwasher Disposal Services
    Dishwasher Disposal Services

    Reliable Disposal Protocols

    When it comes to following disposal protocols, we adhere to a methodological approach ensuring greater social and environmental responsibility:

    Safe and Timely Collection: Once you connect with us, our experts will approach you within a few hours and safely collect your old dishwasher.

    Efficient Segregation: By carefully assessing everything, they sort out components that can be disposed of at a reasonable site. Following this comes the dishwasher recycling phase, and we recycle parts that can be reused.

    Careful Donations: If your old dishwasher is reasonable enough for usage, we donate it to the charity foundation.

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    When Should You Dispose of Your Dishwasher?

    A dishwasher is designed to perform aptly for a tenure of one decade, after which you should have it disposed of by some professional disposal services:

    • The dishwasher heats the water to wipe out microbes from the dishes, but if your plates come out cool, your dishwasher is not working properly.
    • If water collects at the bottom of your dishwasher and does not drain out completely.
    • If it’s too rusty from the inside, you must hire a removal company to replace it.
    • If the latch of your dishwasher is too weak and breaks occasionally.
    • If your dishes do not come out clean, you must change your old dishwasher
    • If you have been using it for over ten years.
    • If you find water imbalance in it, either it overfills or underfills.

    Finding any signs above indicates hiring an expert service to dispose of your messy dishwasher. We always respond to you on the same day for efficient dishwasher removal.


    The service charges vary depending on your location, time of service and the nature of the job. On average, this cost can be around £70. For a more precise estimate, reach out to our team for a clearer idea.

    Yes, we remove many appliances, like fridges, freezers, TVs, kettles, washing machines, and other home appliances.

    Yes, we offer same-day response service for urgent client needs.

    Yes, we provide free quotes and have transparent charges.