Old or unused cookers usually get coated in debris, grease, or other nasty substances, which can be harmful when used for cooking food. Their responsible disposal and recycling can save you money and also benefit the environment.

Scrap My Appliance provides efficient range cooker removal services. Our insured and licensed team handles the cooker disposal carefully, ensuring safe transport and disposal.           

Ensure compliance with the UK’s regulations, and benefit from our cooker collection service that involves everything, from transportation and storage to safe disposal of your appliances.

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    Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2 hour appointment window


    When we arrive, just point to the appliance you want removed


    Once you say the word, we will move your appliance away 

    How Do We Carry It Out?

    Our range cooker disposal service involves the following steps:

    Disconnect: Our specialists will disconnect your cooker from the gas line and power supply.

    Clean: Any grease, oil or food residues will be removed by roughly cleaning the cooker. This step will help with the safe removal of the cooker without leaving unsightly debris or oil drops on your floor.

    Secure: We will later check your cooker to see whether there are any loose parts, such as trays or racks, and properly secure them to ensure safe transportation.

    Remove: Our removal team will carefully disconnect any remaining gas or electrical connections, and the cooker will be removed using appropriate equipment and tools, such as lifting straps.

    Range Cooker Removal Service
    Range Cooker Removal Service

    Why Should You Hire Cooker Removal Professionals?

    Our gas cooker removal service can benefit you in many ways. Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for cooker removal.

    Regulation Compliance: A licensed disposal company is well aware of all the relevant laws and handles your cooker disposal accordingly.

    Safety: Removing old cookers yourself can be potentially dangerous as they involve heavy lifting and can have some reusable parts that you may damage while lifting. Therefore, hiring a professional is recommended to ensure safe removal.

    Convenience: Hiring a professional can help you easily complete the task in less time, saving you valuable time.

    Reduction of Carbon Emissions: The responsible disposal reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, which helps save the environment.

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    Scrap My Appliance – Your Go-To Choice

    • We ensure the disposal of your cookers by considering all the environmental standards and regulations.
    • Our professionals make sure to separate the parts that can be recycled, which helps minimise environmental impacts.
    • If your cooker is still in good working or can easily be repaired, we donate it to charity.
    • We are delighted to offer cost-effective cooker removal solutions.


    A cooker has different recyclable components, which include plastic, metal, and glass. The process involves the cooker transportation and separating hazardous, reusable, and recyclable materials. Afterwards, recyclable material is carried to the recycling chamber for further processing.

    Cookers are heavy and difficult to lift, making disposal harder. Also, there are hazardous components that require careful disposal and can contaminate air, water, and soil.

    Yes, you can do the task of removing the gas cooker yourself; however, it is recommended to hire an experienced professional to ensure safety and code compliance.